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Remember Me?

Wow, it’s been over 3 months since I posted here.  I guess I just wasn’t feeling it…the Two Working Parents name wasn’t relevant to me, and I was uninspired.  So, let me give a quick rundown of our summer, share some news, and set some goals.


I had a great summer at home with the kids.  We spent some time with my mom, who came in July.  We spent many weekends at the beach, and lots of time at the pool.  I read a lot  of books (I highly recommend this book) this summer, and we spent a lot of time at the library.

I also spent  a lot of time looking for work.  I must have applied to hundreds of jobs, and I went on dozens of interviews.

In August, The Girl went back to school…she started second grade.  She is an excellent student, has lots of friends, and overall, is enjoying her time in second grade.

We also started attending a new church.   I know a while back, I posted that we had found our church, but it didn’t work out…mainly, the commute was too long and we didn’t feel like we really fit in with the church.  Our new church is right around the corner from home, and we feel like we fit in better.  Also, we invited a friend to church, which I think has helped me become closer with this friend, and I hope that my friend is finding some guidance.

The News

Well, as I mentioned, I did a lot of job hunting this summer (despite the fact that I didn’t blog about it….sorry), and finally, all of that work has paid off.  I will be starting my new job next week, and I’m thrilled.  I was willing to start over in another field, to take a pay cut, etc.  Instead, I was blessed with a job in my field AND a pay increase.

The best part of this  job, to me, is the fact that there are horses and other farm animals on the grounds of my employer.  May not seem like a perk, but I hope that it will help me to feel closer to nature while I’m working.  I don’t really know how to put this in writing, but over the summer I fantasized about buying a farm and living off the land.  This is a loft goal for anyone, especially a city girl like myself.  But, I just felt, I don’t know….disconnected.  I think that being surrounded by nature and the animals at my new employer will help me to reconnect to whatever it is that I was feeling disconnected from.

In other, related news, The Boy will be starting preschool tomorrow!  I had to wait until I had a job to get him enrolled, and now he’s so excited!  I can’t wait to see how he does in this new environment!


Ironically, I didn’t blog when I had the time all summer, but one of my goals now is to blog more regularly.  I feel like this is a place I can get my thoughts out of my head, and even get some feedback on stuff when I need it.   So, that’s one goal.

Another goal I have is to remain organized, both at home and at work.  My organizational skills are good, but only for myself.  I often am the only one who can find something, because I have not organized it in a way that is useful to all.  I hope to start changing this at work, and then working on my home.

I am also hoping to be able to pay down some of the debt we’ve accumulated in the past few months, and eventually be able to afford a new vehicle.  My ultimate goal is to purchase said vehicle with cash, but we’ll have to wait and see how things play out.


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