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When Brian and I originally decided to write this blog, we were going to make it about two different subjects….being working parents, and finding a job.  Well, I’ve decided those things don’t mesh.  So, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t want to write about looking for work anymore.  I mean, that is what I do in my day job, and I really don’t want to spend my free time writing about it.  So there.

Besides, our kids are fun, and jugging a household with 2 working parents is tough stuff.  And, my mom bought us a nice new digital camera, and I don’t want to waste that technology on taking pics of resumes and the like.  I’d much rather share the kids with the internet. 

So, now that I have a real plan on what this blog will be about, we will hopefully begin posting more often.  And if the only people who ever read it are our family and friends, we’re ok with that.  If the whole internet decides to start reading it one day, well, that’s fine too.  Because, honestly, I just want to be able to look back at this blog one day and know that I did my best to record my kids’ antics and accomplishments…because I never did finish The Girl’s baby book, and I never even started one for The Boy.


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photo by kraemer

So, it’s been a rough week in our house. It all started on Monday. I got home from work, and The Boy was napping. When he woke up, he was crying and coughing and I kinda thought he was going to throw up, but thankfully he did not. Anyway, he told me that it felt like something was stuck in his throat, and that it hurt. Well, The Girl had a sore throat last week, so I figured he caught it. I got him all snuggled up on the couch and about 20 minutes later, he bursts into tears and tells me that he swallowed a penny! So, I called Brian and made him come home from work, and we took him to urgent care. By the time we got the X-ray taken, it had passed through to his lower intestine, so we have spent the rest of the weekwaiting for him to poop a penny…so far, we have not seen the penny…although he’s a quick flusher, so we could have missed it.

The rest of the week was just spent with me driving all over LA county to my various programs, so not too excitig, but hectic just the same.

Now, we all have a cold, which means that we are all prett cranky. And I can’t stop falling asleep. I’ve taken more naps this week (3) than I have in quite a while. I’m hoping it’s just the cold. I suppose it could be stress too, but I guess we’ll see once the cold passes. EIther way, I need to get motivated because my house needs to get clean before the Moms come on Wednesday.

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Photo by a mere excursion

Wow, have I neglected the blog this week! I apologize. It’s just that, despite being a very busy week, it’s been rather boring around these parts. We haven’t had to deal with Fay, though we do have family and friends in the region that have. There have been no new developments with the kids, and frankly, I’ve been rather cranky this week. Oh, and our main computer died. But, I think I’m feeling better now, so I’m going to work on a little something related to job hunting to post later today or tomorrow. Until then, I’ll share what we are looking forward to in the next couple of weeks.

Yesterday, I spent 4 hours…that’s right 4 hours…cleaning the kids room. Normally, I just throw all the toys in toyboxes or bins and call it a day, but yesterday I dumped everything in the middle of the floor and started over. The picture above is not their room, but it’s a pretty good depiction of what it looked like. “Why ever would you do such a thing?” you may be asking…well, because we are having house guests in a week and a half, and I would like for them to be able to see the place at it’s best. Which leads us to our upcoming plans…My mom and Brian’s mom are coming to visit! Yay!

Now, my kids really miss my mom. Prior to our move to SoCal, she was their primary babysitter when Brian and I were working. Now, of course, Brian works nights and weekends, so we don’t really use a babysitter, but the kids are really Jonesin’ for some TeTe time (that’s my mom’s Grandma Name – TeTe). On the other hand, We typically only see Brian’s mom a few times a year, so they get very excited when Oma Lubs comes to visit…also, she has never been to California (or to our new place) so they are excited to show her around.

They are staying for 2 weeks. The worst part of that will be where to put them. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment, and we do not have a sofa bed. We have several blow up mattresses, but after 2 weeks, I’m going to be very tired of looking at them.

So, the next few weeks it looks like we are going to be living like resident tourists, taking The Moms to Hollywood, the Beach, and hopefully, we’ll get to see some famous people. Because, that is my goal. Since moving out here, all I have wanted is to see someone famous…anyone famous. And that has not happened yet. So, I’m going to go trolling with the moms to the paparazzi hangouts…the Ivy, Mr Chow, Malibu…..Yep, I’m going to be “that guy”…or girl, as the case may be. I just hope The Moms are on board for such an adventure!

Oh, tonight we are going to Ikea for some much needed organizational and lighting paraphanalia. I’m very excited about this because, 1) I love Ikea and 2) The Boy is finally potty trainined, meaning that the kids can go in the supervised playroom, and Brian and I can look at stuff that we actually want to look at. Yay!

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It’s pretty common knowledge that most families need to have 2 incomes to keep their head above water, and we are no exception, although I guess we technically have 3 incomes, because Brian has 2 jobs.  Anyway, my point is that sometimes schedules clash, resulting in missed opportunities.  This happened to us last night.


I was able to score free tickets to last night’s Dodgers Game, courtesy of my employer.  Unfortunately, Brian just started his second job on Monday, and was scheduled to work last night. So, we had to decide if it was worth it to take the kids to this game without Daddy.  In the end, I decided to take them, and I’m so glad that I did.  I mean, this is not something that we would have done had it not been for the free tickets.  We aren’t really baseball fans, although I do enjoy going to games, and we aren’t the type of people to lay out a ton of money to attend sporting events of any kind.  Therefore, this was an opportunity to do something completely out of the ordinary for us, and it’s an experience that I think every kid should have.  I mean its baseball!  What’s more American than that, right?


So, the kids and I took the trip down to Dodger Stadium, and for our first victory of the night, I didn’t get lost!  Because I had them by myself, and The Boy tends to run away from me when he gets excited, I laid down the law that they both had to hold my hand whenever we walked anywhere.  Second victory of the night, no one got separated!


We ended up parking about as far away from our seats as we could possibly get.  We had to walk halfway around the stadium, up three flights of stairs and an escalator, and then halfway back around the stadium to get to our seats.  The kids we hungry, so we got some Dodger Dogs, which were huge.  I just knew they were going to waste them, but to my surprise, they ate all but about an inch of each dog.  Then, of course, they wanted cotton candy.  Our kids do not eat a lot of sweets, so I was a little leery, but I gave in and bought them each their own cotton candy.  The Boy inhaled his….I did not know that it was possible to eat the stuff that fast.  The Girl took her time, but eventually finished hers as well.  About a half hour later, the sugar kicked in.  The Girl got incredibly giggly, and The Boy bounced non-stop in his chair while singing, “Cotton candy, cotton candy, cotton candy.”  He would occasionally stop singing to break dance, which is always entertaining.


So, all in all, the night went well.  We left before the game ended (and thankfully, before the sugar crash), but the Dodgers won.  I will admit though, it was so hard without having Brian there with us.  The Boy asked me over and over again why Daddy didn’t come to “The Game”, and taking both kids to the bathroom every time anyone had to go (this resulted in 4 separate trips to the bathroom) was a major hassle.  Those stalls at Dodger Stadium are way too tiny for all three of us to fit into!  But, if given the chance, I would do it all again just to see my kids so happy……

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Well, in an effort to make our lives lean a tad more towards crazy, we adopted another pet yesterday. We already have a small Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier that moved here with us from Michigan, but The Boy has been bugging us for something smaller…that lives in a cage. He really wants a bird, but Brian isn’t having any of that. So, after a few days of perusing Craig’s list, we decided to adopt a 5 month old Guinea Pig. She is a sweet little critter, and the family who graciously gave her to us was so nice. They gave us everything, the cage, food, bedding, even a book and a tiny little brush to brush her crazy hair!


 So, I brought Bacon home (the former family named her Bacon, and I thought it was so cute that we just had to keep it!). The kids were so excited, although The Boy is convinced that he’s been bitten already about 8 times…..he has not, in fact, been bitten at all…he’s just a dork. Anyway, everyone loves a little Bacon, even the dog, who showed his love by pooping on the floor. Fabulous!


Ironically, for dinner last night, we had breakfast…..sans bacon.


And, her she is in all her glory! 


From this profile her witty intellect is highly visable.

From this profile her witty intellect is highly visable.

She is playing coy... clearly it isn't working.

She is playing coy... clearly it isn't working.

Ah, she COULD escape if she wanted, but alas, she shall let you enjoy a bit more of her time. 

Ah, she COULD escape if she wanted, but alas, she shall let you enjoy a bit more of her time.


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