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That is the title of the story that The Girl started yesterday.  Here is the rest of it, and I have not edited it in any way (Remember, she’s only 6!):

Goerge Bush was before Brock-O-Boma.

Brock-O-Boma is Browned sKin.  A very good color for Presedent.

Long ago Brown Peaple where not alowd to vote or be Presedent Because white peaple used to Be dum and we didin’t know What was Different on the inside and outside.

I know that she did not word things quite right, but I get her point.  I am so proud that she would, on her own, decide that brown is a very good color for President.  In fact, I am also proud that, when I told her that “Brock-O-Bama” had won, and that it was a big deal because he was the first president ever who wasn’t white, she didn’t get it.  She didn’t understand why there had never before been a president who wasn’t white.  Why wouldn’t there be “brown skinned” presidents?  And Korean presidents for that matter (most of her friends here are Korean).  Made no sense to her.  And, while I understand the history, it makes no sense to me either.  I can’t wait to see what the future brings.  Maybe The Girl will be “Presedent” some day!


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