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We unplugged the cable box at about this time last night.  We have made it through our first day with no real problems.  How did we do it?  One Word:  Hulu.  Well, and the dvd player, but I wanna talk about Hulu.

I read a lot of personal finance blogs, and I’ve read quite a few lately about Hulu.com.  Hulu.com is a  website that allows you to watch all of your favorite shows (like Heroes and Fringe, in our house) for free, on the internet.  It also has Spongbob Squarepants, iCarly, and most of the other shows that the kids like.

Now, you may be whining, “But I don’t wanna watch tv on my computer!”  We solved that too!  With a handy S-Video to S-Video cord, we just plug the computer into the tv, and use the tv as a second monitor!  Easy Peasy!  The biggest issue I have is that because of the length of the cord, we had to rearrange the living room, and it now looks a little, well, random, but that’s fine too.  I feel like I’m cheating the system, and I love it!

Now, obviously, this is not as convenient as cable, but it’s free, it works, and I don’t have to deal with Time Warner Cable anymore!  When I made that phone call this morning to tell them to turn off my cable and internet (we got a new, much cheaper, internet provider), it felt so liberating!  One day, when we are not so tight on cash, maybe we’ll get cable or a satellite dish again, but for now, I’m happy.


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