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photo by Tarcano

Let me start at the beginning. The Girl was not allowed to progress to this week’s math level because she did not finish her timed test last week. The teacher told me that she had 2 minutes to complete 25 math problems, and because she did not complete them all, she could not move on. The Girl completed 21 problems, and those that she did complete were all correct…..why must we time them, anyway? She’s 6!

So, I received this news just before trying to help The Girls with her math homework. I was frazzled and angry. I looked at the worksheet, and I swear, I had no clue what it was asking her to do. So I asked The Moms, and they too were confused. So we asked Brian, and even he did not know what the heck this stupid worksheet was all about! Finally, we all gave up and basically told her to do it however she thought was right. Keep you finger’s crossed!

Let me also say that I’m annoyed because she has a birthday party to go to tomorrow night. Who throws a birthday party for a 6 year old kid on a Thursday night??? Makes no damn sense. And it’s at one of those joints with the giant inflatable moonwalk things, and I despise those places! It’s like a huge germfest. I mean really…how do you clean those things? Plus her arm is still bothering her, so I might not let her go. Is that mean? I’m not sure. Works for me, though!

Who would’ve thought that 1st grade would be so annoying?


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