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Photo by a mere excursion

Wow, have I neglected the blog this week! I apologize. It’s just that, despite being a very busy week, it’s been rather boring around these parts. We haven’t had to deal with Fay, though we do have family and friends in the region that have. There have been no new developments with the kids, and frankly, I’ve been rather cranky this week. Oh, and our main computer died. But, I think I’m feeling better now, so I’m going to work on a little something related to job hunting to post later today or tomorrow. Until then, I’ll share what we are looking forward to in the next couple of weeks.

Yesterday, I spent 4 hours…that’s right 4 hours…cleaning the kids room. Normally, I just throw all the toys in toyboxes or bins and call it a day, but yesterday I dumped everything in the middle of the floor and started over. The picture above is not their room, but it’s a pretty good depiction of what it looked like. “Why ever would you do such a thing?” you may be asking…well, because we are having house guests in a week and a half, and I would like for them to be able to see the place at it’s best. Which leads us to our upcoming plans…My mom and Brian’s mom are coming to visit! Yay!

Now, my kids really miss my mom. Prior to our move to SoCal, she was their primary babysitter when Brian and I were working. Now, of course, Brian works nights and weekends, so we don’t really use a babysitter, but the kids are really Jonesin’ for some TeTe time (that’s my mom’s Grandma Name – TeTe). On the other hand, We typically only see Brian’s mom a few times a year, so they get very excited when Oma Lubs comes to visit…also, she has never been to California (or to our new place) so they are excited to show her around.

They are staying for 2 weeks. The worst part of that will be where to put them. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment, and we do not have a sofa bed. We have several blow up mattresses, but after 2 weeks, I’m going to be very tired of looking at them.

So, the next few weeks it looks like we are going to be living like resident tourists, taking The Moms to Hollywood, the Beach, and hopefully, we’ll get to see some famous people. Because, that is my goal. Since moving out here, all I have wanted is to see someone famous…anyone famous. And that has not happened yet. So, I’m going to go trolling with the moms to the paparazzi hangouts…the Ivy, Mr Chow, Malibu…..Yep, I’m going to be “that guy”…or girl, as the case may be. I just hope The Moms are on board for such an adventure!

Oh, tonight we are going to Ikea for some much needed organizational and lighting paraphanalia. I’m very excited about this because, 1) I love Ikea and 2) The Boy is finally potty trainined, meaning that the kids can go in the supervised playroom, and Brian and I can look at stuff that we actually want to look at. Yay!


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