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You Wanna Know What Bugs Me?

photo by chrissie2003

Be forewarned. This is a series of rants. I just gotta get it out.

It seriously bugs me when I have a really slow day at work, and all I can think about is how much stuff I could be doing at home.

It really REALLY bugs me that The Girl has a new habit of lying about EVERYTHING. Even the tiniest things that she would never get in trouble for anyway, she lies! Why????  (Today we decided to make her write sentences whenever she lies to us.  I’ll let you know if it works)

My carpet bugs me. It’s sorta, I don’t know, creamish colored. And the parking lot in the apartment complex is blacktop. So, every few weeks I have to spot clean the nasty blackness out of the carpet. And we don’t even wear shoes in the house!

Clutter bugs me. Mainly because I cannot, no matter what I do, get rid of it.

It really bugs me when I go grocery shopping and my groceries are not bagged correctly. I always group my groceries in accordance with how I want them bagged, and inevitably, I end up with chicken in the same bag with apples, or feminine hygiene products in the bag with cold, wet milk. And why do people in California INSIST on putting milk in bags anyway? It has a handle! It doesn’t need a bag! Same goes for laundry detergent! (wow, this one really bugs me)…

I’m bugged by whining.

Stupid people bug me.

People who are still driving around with election-themed bumper stickers really bug me. HELLO? McCain lost and now you just look dumb. And you, with the Obama sticker! Stop bragging!

I feel better now. Thanks for reading. Or not. Whatever.


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