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I don’t know how this post fits into our little blog here, but it’s so exciting that I just have to fill you in!  The Girl is entering first grade next week, and so we’ve been doing the whole school-shopping thing.  Well, she’s so little that it’s next to impossible to find pants to fit her, with jeans being the hardest.  To give you a clue how tiny she is, she tried on a pair of 4 Slim at JC Penney the other day, and they were too big!  That is, the waist and backside were huge, but they were also about 2 inches too short!

Well, after much hunting and about a million stores, we finally found jeans that fit her!  So, thank you, Old Navy and your slim fit jeans, with the adjustable waistband!  And they were on sale!  Bonus!  Now The Girl doesn’t have to live in dresses and skirts all year round!


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