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The Girl’s Christmas Wish

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday, Quynn wrote out a Christmas list. This list had only 6 things on it, and one of the things on her list was “Money for the Homeless”. I personally think that is remarkable that this 7 year old girl would think of such a thing on her own (of course, I’m a little biased ). Now, of course, Santa thinks this is a fantastic idea, and will certainly make that happen. But, I was thinking that perhaps, with your help, we could make it even better.

I know that no one is in a good spot right now, financially, so I’m suggesting 2 ways for you to help make Quynn’s Christmas wish come true.

1. You can make a donation of money, clothes, or food to a local organization, and then write Quynn a letter indicating what you did to help the less fortunate in your community.


2. You can send a monetary donation to Quynn directly, and we will donate it to a homeless shelter in Quynn’s name.

All letters and donations will be wrapped and put under the tree for Quynn on Christmas morning. They can be mailed to me, but please address them to “Lubstimes4”. If you need my address, please email me at slubs5@gmail.com.  Letters can also be emailed.

Finally, I would love it if you would copy and paste this note, so that we can get a whole bunch of letters for Quynn to open, and help a lot of folks in the process! 🙂

Thanks a million!


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